Bay City

Bay City is the result of a merger of several cities in the San Fransisco Bay area, most notably San Fransisco, Oakland and Berkley.

The merger occurred as a result of an 8.0 earthquake that devastated the Bay Area in 1995. Several officials from all the cities involved had the foresight to form a special council to deal with such a disaster and managed to wrangle federal and state aid as well as coordinating the superhuman relief effort. Once relief efforts were underway, the council realized that rebuilding would take years and that it would need to stay in existence during that period. San Fransisco Mayor Bobby Greene proposed simplifying things by merging their communities into one big metropolis, with the council as its governing body. The merger went fairly smoothly and after some political wrangling, Bobby Greene became the head of the council.

The city is divided into 4 distinct sections.

The first is North Bay City, which contains most of San Fransisco proper, from the Golden Gate Bridge to McLaren Park. Highlights include the financial district, Chinatown, the Castro District and Haight-Ashbury.

The second is East Bay City, which contains the cities of Oakland and Berkeley and is where Point Unpleasant, the major holding facility for supercriminals, is located.

The third is Mid-Bay City, which runs from McLaren Park through Silicon Valley and down to Midbrae. This contains the majority of the high-tech businesses and facilities in Bay City, as well as the major airport.

Finally, South Bay City runs from Hillsborough to Palo Alto. The more upscale towns are located in this area, as well as Stanford University.

Bay City

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